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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00. i believe should not use criminal history to screen out applicants before we look at their qualifications. >> a why the federal government no longer ask potential gleams about criminal history on job appplication. it is a big step in giving former inmates a second cans. steve: all right, not everybody is onboard. sharon crowley joins us with more on the debate. sharon? reporter: well, president obama wants federalle employers to ask about delaying. the president says he with would give applicants the in chance to prove themselves before revealing their criminal thus ry. >> given me hope for mo future. at one time, it have no hope. reporter: she has job
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unemployment after doing time far drug conviction she pret lited tried and failed to get any one to hire her. >> every time tried to apply, i never got a call back. not even an interview. >> i am take action top ban the box. report respecter obama, during a visit to newark, says he supports giving former in mas a second chance. he wants congress to ban the box that potential workers check on federal em employment application checking the box disclose whether a person has come pitted a felony. thpth we are not suggesting ignore it. when it comes to application, give folks a chance to get through the door. give them a cans. [applause] give them a chance to get in there so they can make their case. reporter: cameras in new york city conservative party, mike long, race critical of the president's plan. >> think it is wrong. i think it takes the right-of-way of
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transparency employers to find out what kind of people they ser viewing, who they are interviewing. reporter: for marilyn, getting a second chance helped kang her life. >> i mean, judging by your past, i am not my past. poop new jersey governor criticized the president president today on the he radio saying he only showedded up in the garden state tonight today bass the president, because the garden state has achieved things that the president has failed to do achieve on a national level. so war of words continues. dari: thank you, sharon. tonight, president obama manhattan. then after appearance at the richard rogers theater home to the smash hit musical hamilton, the cast staged a pegs special performance. steve: on the same day, police commissioner bill bratton asked for the public's help. this video shows a robbery in progress inside of a east
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the manp who southern red sweatshirt shot and killed a cust more tried to stop the crime. two wanted in connection that case. this t are on the hunt for 39-year-old gerald blocks escaped from police custody last point brooklyn despite the public pails. crime was down 20% across the city last month. >> october was by all accountses the safest october that we have had in over 20 years. is no bullback. the men and women of the new york city police department and dedicated as ever. risking their lives dave. >> now despite overall reduction. there were seven murders in 22 shootings during the table week of october. >> same time the fdny needs can your help. they need help finding the missing marathon run arer from lit. he was last seen yesterday at the finish line. more ren go only speaks italian and staying in a hotel in queens a the time disappeared. if you have any fine,
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800-577-tips. steve: all right. educators and local lawmakers came together tackle the idea of civilization. she have the most segregated schools in the nation. zachary keish has the torin downtown brooklyn. >> ras has long be been a tough issue talk about and should come can as no sur thrice segregated schools or lack of diversity has become a hot button issue here in new york city. tonight they met mere to discuss ways in which we call in prove the learning environment for our youngsters. >> what are the wen fits of racial diversity schools and how should we pray or tize. these are some of the questions being asked by school integration advocates. >> when people said today a high number of poor, nonwhite families gravitate toward predominantly white walt think schools, i am confident those schools
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>> the panel tackling diverse schools could is one step toward check that distinction us the most segregated schools in the country. i caught up with the council member as well as james merryman. the ceo of new york city charter center. sponsor of event earlier today. the real can details not a we are failing here. we're not trying. >> we're not going to go forward if we try to force them to do that. i think the opportunity and the councilman has pointed this out is, theres are new schools being reindicated. t are can part of that picture as thu school that no one feels ownership. >> advocates on desegregation argue the mayor is not doing enough. efforts a like zoning which set aside a percentage of new development for affordable housing is a in the right direction. >> one family here in new york city. extreme segregation are where you have schools schools where 0% or less are white and the school is
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exclusively african-american or latino. the number of extremely segregated schools has race brines 70%. andp since 1989. some parents on the upper west siped brook slin been forced to confront school option because of overcrowding. reporting in brooklyn. zachary, "fox 5 news." >> investigators are looking at the medical history of a driver involved in a deadly halloween crash in the bronx. plus say the driver are was 52-year-old man and jumped on the cushion morris park avenue this was saturday evening and struck a group of trick-or-treaters. three people are killed including a ten-year-old girl. an investigation shows that speed, drongos alcohol were not factors. no charges have been filed. official say, there are reports that the driver haste ry of having seizures. >> some politician are being forced to deny they are connected to the clue klux cran. a group claimk to hacker a.
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ois releasing names it says in the kkk dat base. lisa ever hases more on the hoods-off calm pin pain m. reporter: mayor jim grace one of the elected officials exposed by atestimonious and allegedly being a member of the ku klux klan. the mayor says the allegation is false. in sulking and ridiculous. via social media, famous says theres are many more. >> these are official as who have political power in the us that are associated with kkk or racist related. addresses will not be release sod nobody gets it in their mine to take out their own justice against them are. >> adam says hackers are motivatedded for different reason ares but they are driven by cause. >> unanimous is a group of activist that are consideredded to be extremely professional of what they do. very sophisticated and very persistent and very creative. >> indiana senator dan coats was identified by unanimous as being affiliated with the cran
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baseless internet kind. >> their position is when you promote violence, you cross the lane and that is the wrong that they say they wish to explose. anonymous used a tactic of net exposure on everything in police in furgstone syrian government but could be the most controversial campaigns ever. in the newsroom, lisa evers, fox 5 new. >> russian airline rule aring out map call robb ares or pilot error in the deadly plane crash over the weekend. metro jet claims something outside of the plane caused the air bus to breakup. i sis claimed investigators have not ruled out terrorism. but rush sin oh pssts a say it is way early to know for sure. all 224 people onboard were killed. >> the volkswagen emission can details yoing. u.s. official ras accuse the auto guy ant of a rig more emission test result has time accused
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of programming about 10,000 vehicles with six cylinder diesel engines to emit less pollution. in sent, the company admitted to rig emission tests of millions of four cylinder diesel cars. volkswagen fashion millions in in liability. >> snook a was in court in pennsylvania pleading nothing. the 72-year-old face third-greece murder and involuntary manslaughter charges for beating his girl friend to death inside of hotel room back in 1983p. his attorney cause calls it unfortunate accident. one of the most popular perform ears in the 1980 he a is free on $100,000 bail. >> star war fans keep all of those getups you like to war at home. >> right. theaters all bank all max and space age weapons. comes out next month now. the move couple is out. >> oh coffee. coffee inside of the new coffee shops in our
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area. what is on the menu of what is not on the menu tahas a a lot of folks interested. all right. not just the mets' loose this gave people the monday morning blues. so many new yorkers woke up you feeling kind of
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>> all right the new star war's flick hits next a month. tickets to the first screening is already sold out. now you some bad futures fans who are thinking about showing up. you though, as z darth vade other storm trooper. why movie theaters are bank the masks and weapon os. you can imagine why. even light sashes. >> tough luck to any bugged jed eye or diehard garth vader chain. two movie chains are announce bans in preparation of the screenings of the newest instant of the star war's fan franchise. >> i am a big stan.
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going have impact on ticket sales. i would get scare fid see someone with a mask. so i that is good idea. >> while costumes are still allowed. it is bank lightsabers and max. amc took a softer stance in banning only lightsabers. they see the bans as security measures taken enlight several shootings that happened. one in 2012 at creeping of the "dark knight rises" where, again, this um mer at the movie train wreck. i could understand a theater wanting to be able to see the face of individuals in case something occurses. >> dan riser which is the star wars fan group new york jed eye and on says even though dressing up is a huge part of the experience. he understandeds that times have changed. >> as fan, you think it would take away from experience at snail don't think anything will be able to take away the experience of some been weight a long
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time to seepp their favorite racters on the screen again. "star wars" the force awakens opens december 18th. est on the side, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." >> all right. shes the former president of naacpp a chap per in spokane, washington. you remember her. rachel doll la zal and admit showing is white, of course. this was big brew you ha-ha before when she got caught up in the whole thing a few months ago. she finally admitted the truth. >> i was biologicallele born white to white parents. [cheering and applauding] ppp! steve: a lot of applause from. knelt like they got something out of her. yeah. i guess so. all right. dolezal has experienced discrimination and eye he dentfied as black by
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police while given she is flen. >> wow. >> wow. >> that is a bombshell. all right. singer tom jones wants to know if he has african rootses so he plans to take dna toast find out. so satisfy the long curiosity. told the times of london is signature brash tone voice and thick considerly hair has prompted race for years. he was born a welsh mother and a english father and believes he could have black roots. >> does not sound like reality show. we could pack hajj this. a totally. >> long island food pantry are is fighting for the right to stain business. some tenants of the freeport housing authority come laned about getting expired tainted road from a local pantry that are vest the world f. so housing official as a continue deliveries about think harvest for in are says next fired food claims are simply untrue and she is planning to continue deliveries and has
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appealed to authorities' decision. >> all right. for the third time that this year, chipotles deal wag serious footed safety sure t. the company closed 43 location in the pacific northwest after outbreak e. coli singed two dozen people. they are trying to track down the source which t believe is tainted produce back in august. he had to deal with the separate outyou breaks of the norovirus. if you love the smell of coffee. you only like decaf. this is your lays. matt king tykes a pop-up coffee shop and serving up lots of joe without the jolt. >> one week only, in old xa rage in flay yet. a company serves freeze cups of hot coffee, cold ru, ex propose he sew from the fine thence city. >> localps like you blue bolt, wol foods. >> swiss water brain manager'sp company takes the beans this the coffee shops for
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purchased to a lab torin vancouver where are the last 20-plus years. swiss watt wither has removed the he caffeine without the help of chemicals. >> what is the on it po of drink coffee if it doesn't have caffeine in it. >> nor the wellle being of other people. you get through the day. >> for many of us, coffee is the vehicle for which we get our drug of choice, caffeine. the jittery, tin ling why gives he is the part >> we're not trying to caffeine. >> and dre dra recognized weeping us would require a function that. >> represent a terrible business mottle so instead of replacing the cup wes consume. two on bad day. >> three or tour. >> probably five or six. >> swiss water hopes to at times in the day. we tray to avoid caffeine. wad testing. a i never would have touched it before today. 5 news." >> alright. in case you didn't get
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halloween. girl scout cookies go on sell tomorrow. troops are holding a session one day sale tomorrow months ahead. i did think that seemed early. girl will set up in the lobby from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00. a full list of those buildings can found on the web site fox ur want to talk about early. this. whan the world happened to thanksgiving. >> that is right. how we are are going from halloween into christmas to debtly jump on the sales. >> no time to give thank as. >> new you concern for the walk bear that was what the nickname is. why some new jersey residents cannot pear the thought of going through another rough winter. not even sure he will
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i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. >> oh, yeah. amazon launched the black friday deals sp. what this is? it is november 2nd. >> but they launched them today. 3:00 they run from now until des accept ber 22nd. shoppers can score 30 to 40% savings of select toys and a electronics. am zon got mixed reviews when it offered black pry daze sales in j ully. more shoppers expected
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to skip stores and do more of the holiday shopping on-line. >> i deed. >> yeah. all right. >> do you remember back in august so many people were outraged over this halloween stuff we saw. pumpkin spice came out early. the whom thing. it is out of control. well, that is over. forget about pumpkins can or orange, spice and cinnamon. that stuff. they have changed everything now to christmas. faster than you can say trick or treat. it was two days ago. here is baruch shemtov of with holiday jeerers >> through shopping promotion, the holiday since in full swing and it is just beginning of november. so how early really is too early? >> think it is crazy. it is crazy. yet. november. right. but not now. >> after thanksgiving would be nice. >> well, this year, coming early. with retailers like walmart and target already offering holiday deals.
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at the ridge hill pal. santa class coming to town. on november 7th. starbucks bro duesing this year's red cups full of holiday beverage and the hall mark channel is already playing some of the 17 brand-new holiday movies. have to take the promotion. i could do it after holiday christmas movies so soon. >> crist mace fun. yeah. i think they do it. they do it way too early. >> in a cording to tra the senior life-style this translates to healthy bottom line for like. the fact of the matter is. people only vam so top of pend so they really need as to satisfy in whatever way they can so it is a race to the finish lane. according to recent retail the not poll. we found that 8 a% of now. and the earlier the better. 50% of people are looking to shop right now so retailers are responding.
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>> leaving some happy shoppers very satisfied. >> why did you start early? >> because i have so many presents to buy. a what is advantage of started sog early shoo thed a strag is you get everything that you don't have to did a with anyon-line. i think every day should be christmas. >> well, in that case, merry christmas. baruch shemtov, "fox 5 news." >> well, that are millions of on-line gamers then world, of course. that is right. now some cyber scammers want oin in the action how they have become the prey. >> plus, ire driver under attack a drunk passenger see how he
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mighty philistine army stood on the hill above the men of king saul. as the giant goliath moved in for the kill, young david reached into his bag and slung one of his stones at goliath' s head. and goliath fell face down on the ground. who will stand up for you? >> all right. cyber attacks even caught the eye evidence in. >> they are are warning gamers about sketchy e mails asking profile and also account dat too. here is arthur chin with mer on what you need
10:27 pm
look out for. it may have been just a game once but not just the past time for kids any more. video gaming is new $22 billion i have. pop weekend. fought for league of gledges in per we're hin. 150 million americans are gamers averagages 35 and this is the group a new cyber scams targeting. this is the first time i have seen the scare going on to gamers? a fishing scams playing on the play areaer's passion another game. the ftv has posted a warning as has video game companies of multi player on-line games which ownses world war craft telling players scams are ram paint including one too pops up saying the account is being suspended a and sued for selling the goods for real money. the trap is on. oop there was after mar to sell in-game item force real money. you want to fix it but hover they have a link in the e-nail says you
10:28 pm
know, click here to nicks problem or log in. it is not going to the real log-in. a fake one that will co ract the user tame and password. >> how much money. >> it is viable. >> probably a couple of grand. >> those with fall for it and click on either pay the fine or by giving information end up giving up much more. dad adam levin is cyber security expert. >> if you click on the link it may contain mall wear and could take the computer and turn night a transmitter. that means every time that you go to the computer and you log into any site and in particular they are interested in financial services sites you will be transmitting your log-in information to the hackers. >> sometimes when a scam is pub sides like this this. there is expectation. it will be a dressedded but cyber experts say that now it is the case here. they described it as cyber war in which the good guys are lose ang with will continue to lose for the foreseeable future.
10:29 pm
>> bawl the money. there is unfortunately, today, there is more money on the dark side. because, again, wherepp they the money is unlimited that could be made. >> which makes fronting one's self however tedious far more than game these days. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. worked at ground zero rallied today. they arele kag on congress to restore the act that is of course the health care funding for thousands who got sick after working in the rubble that act expiredded last year. this year, wrath, he. one proposed bill extends coverage for fortif years but also cut funding by 6 were pan critic says that is just not good enough. >> well, they are fot going away in five year. our diseases are not going away in five years years. why do we have to being again in another five years when we have the funding and the bipartisan bill right now. >> pretty incrediblable if. 33,000 responders who
10:30 pm
illnesses and injuriesp since 9/11. 3700 have been diagnosed with cancer more than 1200 have died. >> opening statements could come as early as tomorrow in the trial of former fork state assembly speaker shelly there silver. jury selection ined into tonight andp silver accused of accepting bribes disguisedded as payments. he knee denies any a wrongdoing. some growing concerns tonight. this bear seen around a in new jersey. walking on hind legs. it has surprised people of of oak ridge prompting them to name him peddles this them front but a paws are damaged that is why he walks uprig. that has some people concerned he may not make it through the one ter. the go fund page has raised $15,000 to move him to upstate new york as long as a he can caught. if you see him, let someone know. >> hard to find him. >> get him safe before it gets too cold. >> a driver was almost
10:31 pm
done for the fight. then this happened. the dashcam catching a vicious attack right there. the man was clearly intoxicated and refused to put on the seat belt. when the driver stopped and told him to get out pausch even tried to slam the driver head into a side window. that is when the driver pulled out his pepper spray. >> at this point, i, i, i was trying to block the brows with my arm and safety on my pepper spray we're i was able to break free of the grps on the back of eye made and turn aroundp and spray him until he stopped beating me. >> the passenger arrested and charged with public intoxication and assault and also uber for life. >> be warnedded. that. all right. well, the mets losing
10:32 pm
many wherein runners new yorkers felt bummed out today. >> a bit of a letdown. that was crazy weekend. >> marathon, halloween. the t all right. >> that is right. all right. the show will live live long. when and where star treak trek is set to hake come ago. but here is tonight's new york minute. >> this the five marines response for these incident face the ken! general court. they will go to jail. >> the theater kips spending all day reading the works to playwright. from 11:00 tomorrow 11:00 p.m. t are reading to the public at bradway sir then square theater and it cost only $20. you can dom broadway at the earn day they are usually dark and see readings play ofs which mosts people don't get tot see actors. staning up there in front of the music stand and reading and it is $20.
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>> oh. village a elementary school students brought in the extra halloween candy then sorted them into packages to donate to children who would to love have candy. in the school's andlual operation sweet tooth. it is so pont for them to understand how they can give even of themselves at 8 years over or 9 years old. it is ornt are importantp know to flow are other people throughout willing that are less fortunate. that is the torque minute. >> all right. a great week on the way weather-wise. keck out the fox 5ny weather tapp features daily hourly forecast and track the storms where you are and twit heardlines and storm alerts. downrode the app. free. that is food pews. search fox 5ny weather on ishines to or google
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go to >> nobody can make you depressed like adele. the first song line
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of the top 100 charts. it has been downloaded more than 1 million times in a week when the video first dropped. last week it was being viewedded on-line pore than 1 million times an hour. >> love it. >> well, the second season of the record-setting podcast is going to pan drawer. this season will reportedly focus on u.s. army sergeant beau burg dual who was charged for leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009 and then cap fired the actually wan. word on the start date for the podcast which will also be available on itunes and drel phone apps and the first season followed the conviction of the strangling death of his ex girlfriend 1999 that was wild. >> sure. >> the american life. >> love that one. >> yeah. >> incredible. >> all right. >> "star trek" boldly going with where no one has gone before.
10:38 pm
first on the network then on the digitalscription video surfaced for additional fee there will not be any captain kirk or mr. spock. the new characters seek new you worlds and civilizationants "star trek" sper praise parked the 50th anniversary next year. >> you have withdrawal. >> it was big weekend. >> so many things going opp it? was really busy in new york city. ol low wean, the mets, world series, the marathon. >> i know. >> i am stated is over. >> abc lie. we're not alone, too. mar ton, turning the k clos back p. we got extra sleep. >> my goodness. >> monday blues. >> giants loss. >> z yeah. >> all right. this story, behind what
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10:42 pm
why so many people seem to have end of october hangover. >> i didn't want to get out of of bed. >> nets lost the world ser i haves in the early hours of the first monday of november. the first monday after the marathon. the first monday after halloween. the first monday of 2015 after the world set the clocks back an hour of darkness fell early. >> it is really dark. >> physical darkness pirrorred a more figtive shadow monday. mine, it is a hangover revelers mourn departure of the favorite spooky holiday. the cold broaded preparedded to retreat into hypernation. the! you get depressed. the calendar turned to november. despite warm temperatures that signified the coming of winter. eye like when the know is coming. >> both new york football these are. the giants in a game which they scored 49 points and kind of of depression where's emotional.
10:43 pm
physical pain. some sought relief. >> well, a few looked around and found themselves confronted with deimpression that all seemed familiar. it happens year. i think lost my identity a little bit. one day it will end. >> the dan, won't last forever and a halloween and the marathon come together next year and they need to take solace in the rest of those. the world series is never guaranteed. in midtown, matt king, "fox 5 news." >> well. thank goodness waitses no are pouring rain and 40 degrees. yeah. yeah. >> right. >> once we get past christmas. they start get longer again. >> all right. >> all right. >> slowly. >> all right. >> slow ry. >> all right. >> they x do start get long are again. >> all right. >> 5:00. all right. the shortest daylight time of the queer. it will always get bet. today was decent. right. we had sunshine get league this clouds. temperatures above average. this week for that patter. it will stay above average the end entire
10:44 pm
time. 63 tend new york city. and 54 the lows here. the average high is 58 and we'll be a beter than look i said all week long. low at 45 war to it should be this time of year. record high, 83. record low he 30 andp may splitter with rosser later on the the week. a new sunset time at 45:00 sands now we changed our clocks hopefully did you too. 57 now. the wind has callp amp calm. a few high thin scattered clouds. staying dry as we take a look at a fox 5f. there is nothing out there again for tonight. so that is gain the bad news part of this forecast you heard me say this how miniments. we need the rain. still being over seven inches. none really coming this week. maybe um a couple of showers. m mid 60's. 64. sussex, the same at 65. up across long island, southern connecticut too. it is 50's. 43 upon ty cycle low. poughkeepsie, upper 40's
10:45 pm
across the island back to 46 at the jersey shore. happening ton 54. 50 as we get bingeport. we're chillier. 3 to 10 degrees a cooler from 24 hor ago. the wind with has gone calm and will stay night if anything overnight. then return to the south west as we head to tomorrow. so as you look to the southwest today. well, temperatures in the pooh's. they were in the 60's to even lower 70's today as you brent warkpton d.c. why back westward toward detroit and talk mild weather system that is where the airflow is coming from. these are high clouds that are still streaking across the sky but going to ton move away. our weather maker will be high pressure building on in which will establish. here all the way back to the plain states no clowns stay sun if i and warm or mild. in fact temperatures go 70's. chicago, kansas city. 77 in dallas. down new orleans, 80 he a. then 70's here in new york city tomorrowing in the. notice the cool airs dining in a cross the mo
10:46 pm
we'll get that next weekend. 50's out the door. 40 answer the subabout day. 66 at lunchtime tomorrow. 72 in the afternoonp then there is the future cast. again, sliding think of east. look for clear weather into tomorrow night. sunny weather on wednesday f. we should stop 70. some will arrive thursday. maybe shower into thursday might. doesn't look like rain. all right. high cloud gas away. just clearing, cool, tonight. 53 in the city. lower 40's as you saw north and west. tomorrow, 72 the eye f. nice mild day with sunshine and we'll be walk around 71 on wednesday look good, too. 56 at night. all right f. thursday, sun gives way to clouds. you aer who with threat late in the day f. not much. 67 and hit 7 again on friday with sun and clouds. slightly cooler sateen and then, with certainly cooler sunday monday back to actually a little below average then 50's. >> into the 50's. >> incredible week for the bep ging of the. that is it. >> i i could be lot dolled. all right thank you. >> all right. >> tonight, i was happy
10:47 pm
center for hear ang communication call from basically a bunch of the city's chefs come together indite are up therish dishes and help hand them out. people pay-no i sample the footed. a bunch people. i am here with audrey puente. mike wood was there and a whole bunch of other people to raise machine no i help those dealing with hear aing loss. very nice of. indeed. >> okay. russ break dons the mets' demise next in sports. >> aim ine rosales. 648 northbound, the right lane closed on telephone tuesday from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. for conrungs. alternate side of this street park is suggestion opinion fod election day. tune in to good day new york starting at 4:30 in the morning and keep we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge.
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>> all right. how are you doing, everyone todays the day after. when it comeses to being the day after the team has the season come to a disappointing end. is tough for all pearce
10:51 pm
concerned such as the case today for the new york mets theirance even the media who cover them. it is a big-time letdown but the truths the truth. the better team won. that is why the kansas city royals are the 2015 world several series champions if much you can second guess all want but it is not going to change one thing. the big continued guess today is terry collins should have allowed matt har stroy pitch the nineth. you know what? had perry replaced matt right away. and it was have been tamilier giving up the big hit. everybody would are have been second guess tag move. the pot tomlin on that be shoe is this. lous cass at first base paid a good throw to home plit and a not thrown it wide and it would have been a game ending double play well the mets winning 2 in 1 and being on the way to kansas city for game six tomorrow night. 3:00 unfortunately. would have, should are/could have are does fot get the job done. for a them a went do in five games and sure
10:52 pm
didn't go quietly and gave you plenty of thrills and simply could not close the deal. think about it. of the four loss in the series thette ms had the lead in game one in the ninth inning before a royal bomb tide it in the ninth then they went ton wint in the 4th. then saturday night's game four. they had the leaded. at home. knowing eighth before blowing fitchet they being pushed to the to brink of elimination. ten last night. they had 2-0 lead to the ninth tot have the royals tie it and then site all come apart in that 12th inning. you me and thette ms all we want about it what is is. 2015 was very, very good season. that electrified the city for the past witness in just got short circuited something to build on. as for potential changes. that is a a story for another night. hean while, on it kansas city today. it was a triumphant return for the wormed series champion royals.
10:53 pm
arriving home and msp being eat greeted by the fans to give tem a glimpse of their world series championship. maybe next year. on the hardwood tonight, at the garden. spurs beat the knicks 894-48 at bark klays the 103-6 watts this your final. well said. >> all right. >> yeah. >> all right. >> deeb best photo bomb ever. ite happened during one with of those proeggs ifal bab buy shoots. take a look here. that is peter. wanderle from the trees to make for some amazing. on the hay. >> yeah. it was fall shoot inspired at a park in law wes nan for one-month-old confloor. the deer turned out to be amazing prop. 3:00 the dorr's name is maggie. the deer is friend whether ip humans and used to tem f. the family was hoping to she would show up. >> wow. >> and app you know, she was hand fed when she was a do doe she said i think should be a part of the shoot. >> cute. >> i wish i could see the final.
10:54 pm
>> it is frightening. that us be the mom there. reaching. a yeah. >> yeah f. 3:00 3:00. >> get close. >> right. >> right. >> hake sure the deer doesn't have ticks. >> natural. >> good pictures. >> all right. you think we can go here because everyone is tired. you was late night last night. the whole thing. i hate to need to tell you. we will get off at 1:10 second a psyched about it. enjoy. veep it. beautiful tomorrow. >> yeah. it is. whole week for that matter. >> see you.
10:55 pm
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